Teaching For Goodspeed Arts Education Collaboration

Today was my last class teaching for the Goodspeed Musicals Arts Education Collaboration before our ANYTHING GOES matinees.  I am so grateful that I was invited to be a part of this fantastic program.  I took my first dance classes in the gymnasium at my first school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. For some of the kiddoes I got to teach this spring, they were taking their first dance and acting classes in the rehearsal spaces at a Tony Award winning theatre from the some of the same performers they would later see on stage.  Wow!  It was incredible every class to see each student light up with new discoveries over the course of a morning of theatre.  We all come from different starting lines and run different races, and I'm so full of joy to have been a part of these children's journeys both in the arts and in life.  Thanks Goodspeed!  And thanks to all the generous donors who make this program possible!  :D

Goodspeed Musicals Arts Education Collaboration