The Archive of Affect - VIP Preview Opening

In the mood for a respite from all the talking heads all up in your regularly scheduled programming?   Mark your calendars for March 16 and get all up into the talking hands at The Archive of Affect presented by Culture Push at NURTUREart. Get your VIP self to the exhibit's Preview Opening and experience the creative hands who are putting their art where their mouths are - oh! and see me perform with Dances for Solidarity!  The performance is part of a "group show of projects from the Fellowship For Utopian Practice that focus on rewriting, challenging or expanding traditional archives and histories. Many of the fellows work to amplify voices that are often silenced, omitted, or erased from contemporary historical narratives."  

Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door
Ticket sales raise funds to support the free public programs that have been organized by the artists and will take place throughout the duration of the show. Every $100 raised will fund a full night of programming.