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Karilyn is a bicoastal dancer, actor, singer, and dance educator who loves the performing arts for the way in which she can step into new circumstances and develop a character, always learning something new about herself and the world with every production.  From drama to comedy and spectacular entertainment in between, her credits  range from being the first Native American Rockette to choreographing for and co-starring on FOX’s GOTHAM.  She has also been a featured dancer on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, toured internationally with WEST SIDE STORY, and was a brand ambassador for the Rockettes.

Karilyn is passionate about arts education.  From New York to Taipei, she has assisted her mentors, international ballet masters and choreographers, Madame Gabriela Darvash, Jo Rowan, and Kat Wildish, in their master classes.  She has also assisted one of her most beloved mentors, the late Robert L. Reed, at his St. Louis Tap Festival. She especially enjoys teaching for arts outreach artist residency programs like the ones at Goodspeed Musicals, Stages St. Louis, and Milwaukee Rep.  They are the types of programs that introduced her to her first dance classes, and they’re some of the best places to spark new ideas and experiences.

Karilyn’s performing arts career began as a preschooler in an after school dance program in her school’s gymnasium in Tulsa, OK.  She dove deeper with formal studio training in St. Louis and Kansas City, MO (with the occasional “commercial break” to dip her toe in gymnastics, Japanese sumi-e, and learning how to play a few musical instruments).  Karilyn earned a BPA in Dance Performance, history minor, from Oklahoma City University.